Sublingual Allergy Drops: The seroSLIT Advantage

seroSLIT has been favorably received by the many medical practitioners who have integrated the service into their practice, and have already started treating patients with sublingual allergy drops. Physicians say they are now able to meet the needs of a greater pool of allergy patients, support staff find that the service easily fits into the practice’s existing infrastructure, and patients enjoy a customized treatment that produces long-lasting results.

From a medical perspective, seroSLIT stands out from other sublingual allergy drop services for two reasons:

  1. seroSLIT allows physicians to fully customize SLIT prescriptions and select the specific allergens to which a patient is allergic. Adding non-relevant allergens to a SLIT prescription can dilute the prescription, decreasing its efficacy.
  2. seroSLIT offers high dose SLIT protocols to ensure patients achieve the desired therapeutic effect. Other services simply do not deliver effective dosing.

Here are some of the additional benefits of using the seroSLIT sublingual allergy drops service.

Online Tools

seroSLIT offers everything you need to order Rx’s, track patients, and process payments.

  • Allergen selection menus with This is IMPORTANT!Antigen Biocompatibility Algorithms for personalizing SLIT prescriptions. Learn more
  • Allergen X-Reactivity Calculator built-in to the web platform to optimize dosing
  • Payment Processing
  • Automated fulfillment for refill prescriptions
  • ACH deposit for physician fees

Simple Training

With the extensive functionalities and algorithms built into our physician web-portal, training takes no more than 15 minutes.

Complimentary Marketing Support

Our support services include complimentary educational materials for your practice.

  • Collateral-brochures, patient detailers, etc.
  • Website and social media support to help you get the word out about allergy drops

Learn why more medical practices are choosing the seroSLIT sublingual allergy drops delivery system for patients with mild, moderate, and severe allergies. Contact Serologix today.