Allergy Treatment with seroSLIT: Turn-Key SLIT Allergy Practice

The Turn-Key SLIT Allergy Practice allows physicians to treat mild, moderate, and severe allergy patients with sublingual immunotherapy without having to make the significant investments involved with purchasing and stocking allergen extracts, training staff, and dedicated office space.

More than Just Outsourced Immunotherapy Compounding

With customer service and the dynamics of a medical practice in-mind, the Turn-Key SLIT Allergy Practice includes a web-based ordering platform, automated payment processing functions, practice support services, and more – all at NO COST to the medical practice.

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How It Works

The seroSLIT Turn-Key Allergy Practice allows non-allergist physicians (ENT-Otolaryngologists, pediatricians, family practice, internal medicine, etc.) to meet the needs of many of their allergy patients without referring them out to allergy specialists. Seeing an allergist for shots can add time, hassle, and cost to a patient’s already busy life; but with seroSLIT, physicians can retain allergy patients within their own clinic and provide safe, effective treatment for their allergies. After the physician’s office places the SLIT order for the customized allergy treatment, the patient can administer it to themselves in the comfort of their own home.

Ordering SLIT

The seroSLIT ordering process is very simple. Serologix provides a web portal that is both intuitive and easy to operate for the convenience of the medical practice. The clinic administrator or support staff simply logs on to the Serologix web portal, inputs the patient’s Rx information and billing information, and orders the SLIT allergy treatment Rx.

Automatic Renewal

The patient will receive their SLIT allergy treatment, which lasts approximately 90 days. They should follow the specific instructions for administering the drops, including how many and how often. At the end of the 90 days, when it comes time to renew the product, Serologix takes care of auto-billing the patient. The practice does not need to manage this portion of the process, and the allergy patient receives their product quickly and easily.