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Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) treatment regimens typically involve a build-up phase and a maintenance phase. During the build-up phase, gradually increasing doses of allergy drops are administered, until an effective therapeutic dose is reached. The effective therapeutic dose is administered throughout the maintenance phase. Many patients are able to achieve lasting remission of allergy symptoms upon completing a full course of sublingual immunotherapy.

NOTE: A universally accepted dosing schedule for sublingual immunotherapy is not known at this time. There are currently no allergen extracts that have FDA approval for use in sublingual immunotherapy. The use of sublingual immunotherapy in the United States is considered to be an off-label use of an FDA-approved allergen extracts. The optimal dosing ranges for individual antigens have not been determined. The length of the build-up phase, frequency of dosing during build-up and maintenance, and effective maintenance dose is determined by the ordering physician.

2007 AAOA (American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy) SLIT Consensus Protocol

In response to the AAOA membership’s interest in SLIT, the leadership of the AAOA composed a panel to develop a dosing protocol that was within a range of techniques which have shown efficacy and safety. Learn more.

2009 AAOA SLIT Update learn more

Custom Allergy Drops Dosing Protocols

Some allergy drop services use what is known as a “universal mix” which can contain more than 50 different allergens. seroSLIT does not subscribe to this approach, and instead uses a mix containing only the allergens specific to the individual patient’s sensitivities.

Customized immunotherapy formulations based on a physician specified dosing protocol can be ordered through the Serologix physician portal. Simply submit your allergen extract dosing regimen to Serologix through our online ordering portal, and a compounding pharmacist will take care of the rest.