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Subcutaneous Allergen Vaccines Prescription Services

Customized Prescriptions
Formulated according to physician’s instructions and specifications.

Delivery Times
Treatment sets delivered in 10 business days or less.

Allergen Extracts
Complete antigen menu from Hollister-Stier, Greer, and ALK.

By working with multiple suppliers, delays in preparing treatment sets due to antigen shortages are avoided.

Electronic Ordering
Simple web-based ordering platform saves time and eliminates errors that can occur with filling out and faxing paper forms.

Automated notification system for Rx refills ensures timely ordering and delivery of treatment sets.

Cross-reactivity & Biocompatibility Algorithms ensures treatment sets are mixed appropriately.

Compounding Pharmacy

Sterile prescriptions prepared in a class 100 Clean Room, meeting USP <797> guidelines

Most pharmacies utilize only a HEPA filter for their clean rooms. Our laboratory uses an additional electronic air cleaner for microbial-free air flow.

Internal & External sterility testing programs

Board certified Allergy/Immunology Specialist and PharmD available for consultations

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